Atlanta Rotary

Posted by Bill Beltz on Mar 29, 2018
The Atlanta Rotary meets at the Loudermilk, United Center, in
downtown Atlanta.
The Atlanta Rotary Club, the largest club in the United States, has over 500 members. I
visited the club  at their weekly Monday afternoon 12:15 meeting and brought their flag back with me.
There are over 20 Rotary Clubs that meet in Atlanta, most meet in the afternoon.  Meeting started at
12:15, like ours, and was over by 1:30.
Membership Button Display. 
I found out that even though there are over 500 members, only about 250 show up
on  a regular basis.  The others are honorary members.  There are about 30% of membership who are women.
Mary Ann Peters was one of the recent presidents.  She is the Ambassador / Director at the non profit  Jimmy Carter
Presidential Library Center in Atlanta and I found out about the club by way of our Rotary Magazine.
All members were in formal attire.  I sat next to two engineers who had been in the club for several years.
Food was good but not as good as Sigler's. There was one woman who sat across from me at our table. 
Cost for me to attend with lunch was $20 but I got a free flag with that.
As much as I enjoyed being there, I felt like I was at a funeral compared to our more colorful  relaxed
meetings.  The topic of the meeting was "Venture Capital."  They said they would consider investing in
start-ups of a million dollars or more.  But they would consider $500,000 in a category they called
"Angel Investing." Four panelists sat up front.  This was an ongoing theme for the four meetings in March.  I have to
admit that I enjoyed our recent "Litter Box" meeting presentation and most of ours more than this one. 
Now if I needed a million dollars for a start-up, I may have been more responsive.  I shook the presidents
hand as I left and wished him well.
They did not have a fundraiser.  The member next to me said that they just request money as needed for
local charities. I think their foundation was more determined by a predetermined cause.
The record of personal giving, according to him, was by one member that over the years contributed over a million dollars.
Great to be back home. Home is where I want to be.  Thank you.