Doug Burke partner in Founding Tumaini Fund USA

Written by member Judy Trombino.
The April 12th meeting was dedicated to a presentation by Doug Burke on The Tumaini Fund USA based in Naples, Florida and organized as a 501 (c)(3) corporation.   Doug Burke and his wife Janice moved to The Cypress of Hilton Head in October 2013, where he had the pleasure of meeting Joan Mosca, John Mosca’s mother.  After learning of the Tumaini Fund USA, John recommended that we hear Doug’s presentation.  At a church service commission meeting in 2009, Doug met Dr. Susan Wilson, The founder and CEO of the Tumaini Fund, a mission that serves 25,000 HIV Aids Orphans in Tanzania.  Doug responded with setting up a Tumaini Fund USA, a US affiliate of the Tumaini Fund which seeks to provide help to thousands of orphan children in Tanzania with clothing, primitive shelter, limited access to clean water, healthcare and education.  His goal is to not only help strengthen orphan families but also the communities in which they are living. Tumaini Fund USA, is one of several affiliates around the world which raise money to support the overall Tumaini Fund.  Since its inception, Tumaini Fund USA has sent 93% of funds collected to Tanzania to aid the widows and orphans the Fun supports.